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Apple Might be forced to launch iPhones with a removable battery

Apple Might be forced to launch  iPhones with a removable battery

Apple Might be forced to launch IPhone removable batteries
Apple iPhone Battery Removal | Credit JerryRig

There is a leaked proposal from the European Union EU to make an iPhone with user-removable batteries in the future

We all know the kind of secret that Apple has when it comes to its batteries everyone who follows Apple might be familiar that Apple doesn’t even revel their battery details when they launch a new iPhone, We only get a glimpse of that battery when someone tears one and it’s not a surprise the iPhone batteries and nonremovable but there are some leaks about an upcoming new regulations that might change the above-mentioned case.

The Dutch website XDA developers have leaked some information from the European union 

that there might be new regulations coming that will force Apple to makes its iPhone with user-removable batteries

This isn't confirmed yet but it’s the EU and they might propose the law stating that all smartphones should come with removable batteries and iPhone are just a part of it.

Recently EU forced apple to use the universal Posts for charging instead of the convention lighting cable and the apple didn’t agree with so they passed a law and voted 582-40 urging all manufacturers to use a standard charging port such that they need not buy a new charger when they change their mobile phones.

Thus the removable batteries mean that it will be a big step for Apple and they have to make some changes in the waterproofing of their slim Mobile and now it’s not compulsory to go to an iPhone service store to get your battery swapped for a new one.

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