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The Top Selling Mobile of 2020 - Why Android Is The SmartphoneFor Consumers

Android is one of the top selling mobile operating systems in the world today. From Symbian to iPhone, from BlackBerry to Blackberry Playbook, from Palm to OSX and now Android is the most popular mobile operating system, yet. It's a challenging platform to dominate, but when it comes to Android, that competition will become an unstoppable force. Let's take a look at how this smart phone platform can be adapted to make it the top selling mobile of 2020.
top selling mobile of 2020
The name Google has long been synonymous with innovations that have changed the world. And it's probably no coincidence that Android first started out as an operating system that was inspired by Linux. As the name would suggest, the Linux community put together a piece of software to fit on a single machine, which could be run as a whole operating system. Now, we know why these two had an affinity for each other, and Android came from the combination of what Linux and Android have in common. Since Android has begun to take off, it's been known that Google is looking to offer a cohesive experience across all its platforms, and this will probably be the case for Android.
In addition to the reasons mentioned above, Google has a number of other initiatives going on in the mobile industry. Of course, the Android app store is a good example of how this company wants to control its own destiny. The Android application store has more users than Apple's App Store. Google is also looking to expand into the automotive market, which could pave the way for a wireless version of Android in the future.
On the software side, Android already offers a bunch of nifty features. This includes Daydream, Google Now, the Google Assistant, Google Maps, and Android Pay. Google Now is already very user-friendly and can help users get through their daily routine. At the same time, the Assistant is well-suited for use by your personal assistant. It can also be configured to suggest relevant information or commands to complete tasks, and it can also remind you of appointments.
Of course, Android has other advantages in the world of smartphones. Its support for Bluetooth headsets and earphones will appeal to musicians who need to travel with their headphones, or to the types of people who play games while on the move. The Google Assistant is also useful when it comes to searching and finding information, and the Daydream platform makes it easy to enjoy VR technology without the need for expensive gaming systems.
Not only will Google bring with it an OS that works seamlessly, it will also be able to sell new Android devices. Over the next few years, we will likely see a new crop of Android-powered phones from manufacturers who have built a strong relationship with Google, with options like the HTC 10, the LG G5, and the Samsung Galaxy S7 coming from major players such as LG, HTC, and Samsung. By combining technology with Google's experience, these new Android phones will be a great alternative to iPhones will be made obsolete.

The numbers game is one thing, but it's also about connecting the dots. The fact is that users will be more inclined to buy an Android phone if it's also an iPhone killer. Many users are already starting to switch from the iPhone to Android devices, but when it comes to customer satisfaction, the gap between the iPhone and Android is widening. Having a device that has more computing power than an iPhone, but also a feature set that beats those of Android will help consumers make that switch.
As these phones grow in popularity, Google can expect to see more platforms like Android. It will also be interesting to see how Apple is dealing with the pressure from Google. If this next generation of Android devices are the best selling smart phones of the decade, then we can probably expect to see an iPhone 6 next year.

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